What you will learn with this eBook

  • Modern Family Planning Myths

    We will discuss major misconceptions about family planning and disaster preparation. We'll take on the myths and discuss what things mean to you in simple and practical terms.

  • The Cloud and A Family's Worst Nightmares

    The Cloud is truly brilliant for the living, but offers great complexity in passing. We'll demystify the "cloud" and talk about family risks from the modern innovation and trends.

  • Owning Stuff in a Licensed World

    Ownership is changing as more stuff becomes "rented" rather than owned (e.g., your online music, books, etc.). We'll talk about what this means and possible solutions.

  • Simple Steps for Conflict-Free Plans

    We will review basic family planning and preparation, documents and issues and discuss solutions to common problems. We'll highlight need-to-know landmines.

  • Case Studies of Normal Family's Problems

    This stuff is real. So we'll use real examples. We'll learn from other people's mistakes. There are more than enough errors to go around.

  • Actively Updated in a Changing World

    While the law is way behind, we are expecting to see legislative movement over the next few years. We'll monitor the landscape and push out updates as they become available.

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A word from the Author

Estate planning mistakes have always been common, causing families unnecessary stress, conflict, lost assets, confusion and (extraordinary) expense. Technology improves our lives, but it is making things much more complicated too. Unless we each learn how to navigate in the newworld, your loved ones may end up paying a very signfiicant price.

One unfortunate truth is that more and more assets are lost behind passwords, privacy issues, encryption, licensing, site agreements and private electronic notifications. We'll talk about finding documents and accounts, planning tips and tricks and other issues you can use so that you can have faith that your family is truly protected.

Mark Nicholas has nearly twenty years of experience as attorney counseling financial institutions. He is a magna cum laude graduate of Syracuse University College of Lawand lives in Los Angeles with his wife and four year old daughter.

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